My Little Pony Toys and Video Blind Bag Review

my little pony toys


My kids are obsessed with My Little Pony. Do you remember them? When I was a kid, I had, like, one or two official MLP toys. You could have a big pony or a little one, and that was pretty much it (or at least that’s what my parents told me, lol!) Kids today have about a MILLION MLP toys to choose from, but my kids seem to be obsessed with something called a blind bag.

Blind bags, in case you don’t know, are literally bags that contain a particular type of toy. You can’t tell what toy you are getting, so it’s luck of the draw what you get each time. My kids seem to like these best, despite whining and crying for ages when they don’t get the toy they wanted. Blind bags are cheap and easy ways to keep the kids happy, so needless to say, we have a fair few of them. Here’s a video of my kids opening a My Little Pony blind bag.

We bought our blind bags at good old Dollar General (they get all my money, lol!), but you can get them here, too. Blind bags are inexpensive and fun, but remember that they’re also small and not suitable for babies and little ones who put things in their mouths!


Now, I think these are cute and all, but I prefer the ponies with hair you can brush. I was always into braiding my ponies’ hair and putting cute bows in their manes. You can still get those today, but you can also get something called Equestria Girls, which is a version of the Ponies where they travel to the land of Equestria and are somehow transformed into weird human-horse things–kinda creepy, but they dress so cute!

I think some parents don’t care for the Equestria Girls dolls because they look a little overly made-up, but don’t overlook the main message of the dolls–friendship and loyalty are very important!

Of course, My Little Pony isn’t just for kids. At least, that’s what  I keep telling my husband every time I pass the cute Ponies tshirts in the mall, though I may be a little past the age of the intended demographic, lol!

Still, someday I swear I WILL get my hair done in a My Little Pony style, just for fun. How about you…do you or your kids LUV the My Little Pony toys? Let me know all about it in the comments section below!

Bean Boozled Jelly Beans-Taking the Bean Boozled Jelly Bean Challenge

If you haven’t heard of Bean Boozled Jelly Beans before, get ready. Your kids are going to pester you until you’re sick of hearing about them, if they’re anything like my kids!

~~**Buy Bean Boozled Jelly Beans Here!!!**~~

Bean Boozled jelly beans are made by Jelly Belly, the creator of the tastiest jelly beans in the world, (at least in my opinion). However, Bean Boozled beans are not all tasty. In fact, some of them are downright gag-inducing. Bean Boozled jelly beans are tricky to eat, because each color bean actually comes in two different flavors. One flavor is delicious, the other, disgusting.

Here’s the description Amazon offers:

  • Nasty Jelly Bellies
  • Special Jelly Belly® edition comes with 10 tasty beans and 10 look-alike beans of wild and weird flavors.
  • Is it licorice or skunk spray? Strawberry jam or centipede flavor?
  • Who’s brave enough to taste these beans?!
  • WARNING: Choking Hazard – small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Here’s my description:

OMG don’t eat the green ones! Seriously, I have yet to get one of the traditional flavors. My kids have gotten the tasty ones, but I always seem to get the grossest, most disgusting ones. Like moldy cheese. And lawn clippings. Did I mention baby wipes?

Here’s a good example of the typical reaction to the beans. Well, at least a typical reaction from my kids.


Are you brave enough to try the Bean Boozle Jelly Bean challenge? Come on, I dare you!

You can get Bean Boozle Jelly Beans and the Bean Boozle Jelly Bean Game at (that’s the cheapest place I found them, anyway.) Click the photos or links below for more information and to buy them for yourself.

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled Jelly Beans 3.5 oz with Spinner Wheel Game, 3rd Edition


Jelly Belly BeanBoozled Jelly Beans 3rd Edition NEW Flavors Stinky Socks 1.6 oz

Okay, so I dare you…try them, make a video, and post a link to your video in the comment section below or on our Facebook page! I want to see how you react to getting a disgusting Bean Boozle Jelly Bean flavor!

Star Wars Day Is Coming…Do You Have Your Star Wars Toys?


May 4th is unofficially known around the world as “Star Wars Day.” Get it, May the fourth, as in, “May the fourth be with you!”? Okay, it might be cheesy, but I know kids love Star Wars toys, even big kids. With the upcoming Star Wars movie hitting cinemas in December,  I thought I’d round up a few of the latest toys in the franchise for you to enjoy. Get one for your little Jedi in training, or for yourself. I won’t judge, I’ve got an entire Star Trek collection in my closet!

Roommates Rmk1586Scs Star Wars Classic Peel And Stick Wall Decals

Roommates Rmk1586Scs Star Wars Classic Peel And Stick Wall Decals

I love these! They are so easy to put up, just peel and stick, and they don’t damage your walls. Plus, unlike some of those other wall stickers, these are priced very reasonably (under ten bucks at the time of this writing) so you can really make your little Jedi happy without spending a lot.

Star Wars LEGO Toys

LEGO Star Wars 75030 Millennium Falcon

LEGO Star Wars 75030 Millennium Falcon

This LEGO set is aimed at ages 6-12, and is a cute little replica of the Millennium Falcon. I would have loved this as a kid…I never was much of a Barbie girl, but give me some LEGOs, and I was over the moon!

  • Includes a Han Solo minifigure with a blaster pistol
  • Features a quad laser cannon with 2 flick missiles and a mini cockpit for Han Solo to sit in
  • Amazing miniature version of the real ship
  • Create mini space battles with 75031 TIE Interceptor
  • Measures over 2″ (6cm) high, 3″ (8cm) long and 3″ (8cm) wide

Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Color Change Lightsaber Toy

Star Wars Anakin to Darth Vader Color Change Lightsaber Toy

This one should probably be used outside, because I can just see the damage my little munchkins could do indoors! Go ahead, admit it…you just made “the sound.” You know, the “shzzzz, shzzzz” lightsaber sound? Love it!

  • Anakin to Darth Vader Color Change Lightsaber’s blade changes from blue to red color
  • Fast or slow color change
  • Power-up and power-down sounds
  • Darth Vader breathing sounds
  • Motion sensor-controlled sound effects

Playskool Mr. Potato Head Star Wars: Darth Tater Toy

Playskool Mr. Potato Head Star Wars: Darth Tater Toy

Here’s one for the littlest Jedis. Who doesn’t love Mr. Potato Head? AS DARTH VADER!!!

Disney – Star Wars ”The Empire Strikes Back” Six Figure Play Set

Disney – Star Wars ”The Empire Strikes Back” Six Figure Play Set

This was the movie that really made me love Star Wars. After all, what little girl didn’t want to be Princess Leia when she tried to rescue Han from Jabba’s lair? On a related note, sorry, Dads, no Leia figure in a gold bikini in this box.

Star Wars – Imperial Assault

Star Wars – Imperial Assault

I didn’t even realize this was a thing…but it is awesome! It’s a tactical board game that brings together elements of the film with all the intricacies of games like Descent. I know a teenager or two that would LOVE this!!!

  • Enjoy two complete games in the Star Wars universe – the campaign game and the skirmish game
  • Play as a hero of the Rebellion, or command limitless squads of storm troopers, Imperial officers, and massive AT-ST walkers
  • A thrilling campaign contains over thirty missions, ensuring that the campaign is never the same
  • Muster a team of soldiers and iconic characters in skirmish mode and battle over crucial objectives

This one’s a bit pricey, but for older teens and true fans, I’d say it looks worth the money.


What’s your favorite Star Wars toys? Do you have any of these listed in the post? Share in the comments section below!

Kids Swimming Pools And Backyard Swimming Pools


There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day than spending some time splashing in a backyard swimming pool. Kids of every age, and grownups, too, love spending summers by the pool or playing in the water. Today, there is a swimming pool for every age and activity level, and many are very inexpensive. If you can’t afford to go on vacation to the beach or build an expensive swimming pool, these are the next best thing.

Swimming Pools for Toddlers

The two most important factors for choosing swimming pools for toddlers is safety and design. Parents need to be able to either fit inside the pool with their toddler, or reach in easily to keep a hand on unsteady little ones. Sun protection is another feature that many toddler swimming pools offer, so little ones don’t get a sunburn.

   This Intex Mushroom Inflatable Baby Pool
is designed for ages 1-3 and offers a mushroom sun canopy to protect babies’ skin. Toddlers will love the fact that they can step in and out easily, and parents will appreciate the shallow bottom and wide openings for easy access to the kids.

small world toys splash mat This fun Small World Toys Active Edge – Soft Sprinkles Tide Pool is ideal for very young children who want to get wet but who are afraid of larger pools. It hooks up to your garden hose and offers a gentle sprinkle of water as well as a very shallow pool and squirty toys. Plus, there’s no inflating it. Just hook it up to the hose and enjoy.

Swimming Pools For Young Children

 Young children who may be too small for “big” pools can still have lots of fun with this Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center. It features a water slide, ring toss game, wading pool, and a sprayer that attaches to a water hose. It can accommodate several toddlers or a few young children easily, and it can be easily inflated with a pump (not included.)

 This Intex 6ft X 20in Hello Kitty Easy Set Pool
sets up in minutes and is perfect for kids that are ready for their first “big” pool. Parents only have to inflate a small ring, then the rising water raises the sides of the pool. It’s big enough to play in, but shallow enough to be safe for those who can’t swim well.

For more easy set swimming pools, click here!


Swimming Pools For Families

For older kids and the rest of the family, something a little deeper and sturdier is required. This Intex 12ft X 30in Metal Frame Pool Set is perfect for splashing around in, and is big enough for the whole family to enjoy at the same time. It uses a filter to keep the water clear, and comes in several sizes, so larger families can enjoy an inexpensive swimming pool in their own backyard.

Click for more backyard swimming pools from Amazon!!!


Don’t forget your sunscreen, and please, NEVER LEAVE LITTLE ONES ALONE AROUND WATER!!! I want your family to enjoy their new pool this summer, with no tragedies!

Does your family have a swimming pool? What’s your favorite type of swimming pool for children? Feel free to comment below!

Playhouses For Kids

plastic playhouse

When the weather turns warmer, kids want to go outside to play, but once they get there, parents inevitably hear cries of “I’m bored!” There’s a cure for that, and it’s simply to make sure that the kiddos have someplace they can go and use their imaginations. Playhouses offer just that, and so much more. A playhouse becomes a place to be alone, spend time with friends, read in peace, or host tea parties and sword fights with all the neighborhood princesses and pirates.

Some playhouses are even suitable for use indoors, so your kids can enjoy them all year round. Thanks to the wide variety of playhouses for kids, there’s usually one to fit any budget, and many come pre-assembled, so parents won’t have to worry about getting them put together. Here are some of my favorite playhouses that I know your kids will love!

Indoor Playhouses

Indoor playhouses are usually pop-up playhouses or tents that can be assembled indoors. These are great for homes with limited outdoor space, or for families with small children who can’t play outside on their own. These can be simple, like a homemade tent built from a sheet and some tall chairs, or as complicated as a little maze in your living room.

Some, like the Cubby-Tube-Teepee from Amazon, have tunnels and tubes for crawling through. Others are simple cubes or shapes that appeal to children of all ages, like these:

Click on the images above, or click HEREfor more great indoor playhouses.


Plastic Playhouses

Outdoor playhouses made of plastic have a few advantages over indoor ones and even outdoor wooden playhouses. They are easy to clean, just hose them down every season. They are also easy to pick up and move, so you can put it wherever you like, or move it every few days to prevent the grass underneath from dying.

A pretty little playhouse is every little girl’s dream because it lets her play “mommy” in her very own little home. There are a great number of styles to choose from, with brands such as Step 2 and Little Tykes offering some really great playhouses for little kids and bigger ones, too.

I love this pretty little pink and white playhouse from Step 2! It’s perfect for toddlers and looks like it would be so fun to play in!

Click the image for more information!

Want to see more great plastic playhouses? Clicke HERE!

Wooden Playhouses

A wood playhouse is sturdy and long-lasting, if it’s assembled correctly and made from quality materials. I have one in my back yard that my kids have had for two years, and it still looks pretty much like new. The stain has faded a little under our hot summer sun, but it’s still sturdy and lots of fun!

If you’re going to buy a wooden playhouse, make sure you know how to put it together, or pay someone to do it for you. IT’S CRUCIAL THAT IT IS ASSEMBLED CORRECTLY, OR YOU COULD BE PUTTING YOUR KIDS AT RISK!!! Didn’t mean to scream that at you, but I want your kids to be safe!

We bought ours online and had it delivered. I recommend doing this with larger playhouses and playsets, but if you have a truck and the set is small enough, you can bring it home yourself and start setting it up immediately.

Skyfort II Cedar Swing Set / Play Set with Slide  This is what ours looks like…but you can get one that is all one level, with no swings or slide if you have younger children that will be using it.
Click on any image for more information and price.

The obvious downside to choosing a wooden playhouse is the price. We used our tax refund for ours, and it was expensive, but worth it, because the kids will be playing with that thing for years!

Do you have a playhouse for your children? Which type do you like best? Let us know in the comments section below!

Easter Basket Gift Ideas

easter basket

If you are tired of giving your kids the same chocolates and jellybeans in their baskets every year, why not mix things up a little and try giving them one of these great Easter basket gift ideas instead? These are great for a wide variety of ages, and they’re sure to put a smile on your children’s faces.

Art supplies

If your child loves decorating Easter eggs, why stop the fun there? Give them a set of watercolor paints, a sketch pad, or even some crayons and markers. Coloring books and sticker pads are great for younger kids, and older children will appreciate a set of paints and paintbrushes, so they can unleash their creativity long after the egg-dyeing is done.


Books are a great gift for all ages, and you don’t have to stick to Easter-themed books when gifting them in an Easter basket. To make the books a little more “festive,” wrap them in colored cellophane paper, and tie them with a bow. For younger children, try adding a small stuffed animal to accompany the books, so they’ll have a reading buddy at the ready when they receive their basket.

Seeds for gardening

Easter marks the beginning of spring, and what better way to enjoy the season than with some gardening? Give kids packets of seeds and some small pots to plant them in. They’ll love growing their own flowers or vegetables, and you may just encourage a love of gardening that lasts a lifetime. Some great, easy-to-grow plants for kids are sunflowers, beans, pumpkins, and cherry tomatoes. As an added bonus, your child will love eating any vegetable that they grow themselves!

Outdoor toys

By Easter, the weather is usually warm enough for more outside playtime. Why not fill your child’s Easter basket with outdoor toys that they can enjoy as the weather warms up? Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and jumping ropes are all great, inexpensive items that kids love. You could also put a ball, such as a basketball or kickball, in to encourage kids to get moving. These are much healthier, and much more fun, than jelly beans or chocolate, and your kids can enjoy them for much longer, too.


Travel-size versions of your child’s favorite board games fit perfectly in most Easter baskets, and they’re a great way to encourage some family time with your kids. Of course, video games fit in there, too, so older kids don’t have to feel left out.

Glow stuff

If you are planning a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt, why not fill your child’s basket with fun things they’ll need for the hunt? Glow sticks, flashlights, glow-in-the-dark paint, and other glow toys make great gifts, plus they’ll be perfect for when your child goes off in search of those glowing eggs.

Bath treats and cosmetics

Colored bath fizzes that turn the bath water different colors are a fun treat for younger kids, and older ones may appreciate scented bubble bath or bath salts. For girls, brightly colored nail polish is a fun gift that can get lots of use, while boys may like their own bath crayons or cologne.

Don’t just fill your kids’ Easter baskets with boring gifts this Easter. Try to “think outside the basket,” and pick some things they’ll really love.


Kids Luv Books!

Kids Luv Books!

child reading
Image courtesy Pixabay

Have you got a reader in your house? An avid little bookworm who consumes books like candy, and who can’t seem to get enough? Maybe you have a reluctant reader, who needs a little push and great big story to get motivated to read. Thank goodness, there are plenty of books for both kinds of children at Amazon!

In my house, books are not just common, they are overwhelmingly so. We have books that have been passed down from my oldest to my youngest, well-worn and very loved, and we keep adding new ones to the collection every year. So what if our bookshelves are overflowing? You can never have too many books!

Here are some great books for kids available on Amazon. Oh, and I would be totally remiss if I didn’t mention my own favorites, the series of books that I write with my friend, Steve Scatcherd. Our Potty Potatoes books are fun for kids and grownups, so check them out if you haven’t seen them before.

Here are my own girls reviewing “Roast Potato ,” and some other fantastic children’s books from Amazon listed below.



Amazon has a great selection of books for every age…check out some of my family’s favorites by clicking here!

Share your own favorite children’s books in the comments section!

Fitness Video Games

fitness video games

Who says getting fit can’t be all fun and games? My kids love to play video games, and I love seeing them get up and get active, so we occasionally compromise and use motion activated video games to keep them from becoming complete couch potatoes. Here are some of the best fitness video games available today. Why not give them a try and see if you can have fun while getting fit? 🙂


Fitness video games for Xbox 

Xbox One has really changed the way you can exercise, in a lot of ways. Moving on from the fun Kinect games, the new offerings from Xbox are a little more hardcore, and personal.

Xbox Fitness is like having a celebrity personal trainer right in your living room. Only available on the Xbox One, the service allows you to customize a workout using celeb trainers like Jillian Michaels and Shaun T from INSANITY to scare you, I mean, motivate you into getting fit.

Shape Up  is another Xbox One fitness video game that lets you have fun while you get fit. It features a huge variety of workouts ranging from cardio to strength building, and even lets you play with others online. Think of it as having your own gym at home, without the bulky equipment!

Kinect Zumba games are also great, especially if you have an Xbox 360. There are several different versions to choose from, so you can change it up if you get bored. There’s even one for the kids aged 7-12, with moves that are safe enough for them to do without getting hurt.

Dance video games

Who says you have to actually exercise to get into shape? Dancing burns calories and is FUN, so feel free to let your freaky flag fly with a funky dance video game!

My kids love, love, love the Just Dance games. You can get these on multiple platforms, including Xbox, Wii and Playstation. You basically copy the moves of the dancers on the screen, and the camera will watch you to see how good you’re doing. The music is a good mix of current popular hits and older favorites, so the whole family will enjoy it.

Click the photo on the left to get more info about this fun game.

Fitness video games for the Wii
Wii fitness games are plentiful, though they seem to be struggling to keep up with the Xbox in terms of quality, in my opinion. You can get zumba games and things like Wii sports, which are great for all ages.

Then, there are the more serious fitness games, like Your Shape and My Fitness Coach, which allow you to customize your workouts to meet your individual needs. Not my favorite, but better than going to the gym.

Click on the images to see more details on each game.

Choosing the best fitness video games

One of the best ways to decide which fitness games are best for your family is to “try before you buy” by downloading a free trial on the console that you have, or borrowing a copy from a friend before forking out for a game you may or may not like. You can often save a lot of money by buying a secondhand copy in the spring, when most people have given up on their New Year’s resolutions and sold their games to buy new ones.

Do you like to play fitness games? Which ones do you like best? Please share in the comments below!

How To Find The Best eBook Readers For Kids

vreader for kids
[amazon text=Amazon&asin=B00385QVHA]

There’s definitely been a trend for eBook readers growing steadily in the past few years. More and more people are ditching paper books in favor of electronic readers that’ll let us carry hundreds of titles with us wherever we go. Although it’s easy to find the best eBook readers for adults, what about eBook readers for kids?

Should Your Kids Even Use eBook Readers?

Are eBook readers even a good idea for our children? Just as with anything else, there are pros and cons to letting your child have one. Many parents already use technology as a learning tool for kids, and eBook readers can provide extra features that real books just can’t, such as sound and video. Computers also do this, but e-readers are more portable and less expensive than laptops or desktop computers.

Ebooks have real books beat when it comes to space saving, since you can store hundreds of children’s books on one reader without taking up any more space than one actual paper book. No paper means more trees, too, so it’s an environmentally friendly option that fits right in your kid’s backpack.

The only downside to ereaders is the fact that they can be expensive, and depending on the age of your child, you might hesitate to let them have their own technology. Plus, ebooks can get pricey, especially kids’ books. Still, there are a LOT of free ebooks for kids, especially on Amazon’s Kindle platform.

Choosing The Best ereaders for kids

Many of the eBook readers on the market for adults are designed to look as much like paper books as possible. This means that they have very plain designs with black and white screens using “e-Ink” technology. Although e-Ink is easy on the eyes and pleasant to read, it might not really inspire your child to get reading more often.

For kids, you can find specific items designed just for children. Not only are these more “fun” and eye-catching, but they’re also easier to operate, and made to be more durable. We all know just how much our kids can put their toys through! Would you really want to risk that with a delicate glass-screened eReader?!

The VTech – V.Reader Animated E-Book System is currently the only real option available for kids on the market today. The design itself is fun and colorful, and it comes in either blue or pink to suit your child’s tastes. This eBook reader is far cheaper than other readers like the Kindle or Nook, but the downside is that it requires new cartridges for different books, which can get fairly expensive.

Some extra features of the V. Reader include the fact that kids can type on the Qwerty keyboard, look up works in the dictionary, hear stories read aloud, play reading games and more. This interaction makes reading more fun and helps kids who are auditory learners comprehend stories better.

In summary, ereaders are great educational tools for kids. They offer the fun and interaction of technology just like Mom and Dad use, but in a format that’s easy for them to handle. Anything that makes reading more fun is a great idea, so consider getting your child an ereader to boost their love of reading, and build a lifelong love of books.